Business has never been more unpredictable. All businesses large or small need strong leaders, effective teams and motivated individuals to drive them through tough trading times and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Programmes that deliver results

We create business programmes that improve leadership, develop team performance and manage change. Our goal is always to develop programmes that fit alongside the business goals of our clients and deliver real results through behavioural change.

Corporate Programmes

Our corporate programmes are highly effective as a reward for excellent results, to build motivation, to improve cross-functional working and to develop efficiency.

Team Development

Our team development programmes build trust and create focus, enabling teams to work together more effectively and improve performance. These programmes help teams achieve challenging shared goals; raise awareness of team members' strengths and ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes help leaders, or those with leadership potential, to realise their leadership strengths, values and beliefs and how these impact on leadership style. We aim to help leaders focus on how they can put their strengths to work in practice and have a truly positive influence on other people.

Individual development

For individuals and small groups. This is personal coaching and an 'adventure' of the mind which helps people re-focus on the things that are really important to them so that they can achieve their desired outcomes; to improve individual performance and re-energise.

30 years experience in business development

Symbiosis is run by John Wright, who has over 30 years experience of designing and delivering Leadership and Management and business team development programmes. He is highly qualified and having run his own business since 1996 he understands your need to learn and to get results. His clients include a wide range of large and medium sized organizations in a variety of business sectors. He is based in Kendal and he has worked internationally in the USA, Japan, Thailand, the Middle East and Europe.


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