Team Development Programmes

Building effective teams for the future

We offer effective team development programmes for teams who need to review their current performance and build for the future. Our team development tools encourage team motivation, improve business-planning skills, help build effective relationships in management teams and resolve conflict. Programmes often include a unique design of focussed discussion linked seamlessly with outdoor-based team adventures and team building exercises.

Creating a benchmark for improved team performance

Our aim is to generate a range of team experiences that provide a benchmark for future team behaviour and improved performance. Our experienced facilitators challenge and support team members to deliver real results.

We create an environment that encourages team members to raise their levels of trust, openness and honesty so that they can understand, challenge and support different perspectives. This process builds a more supportive team, one that is in a stronger position to deal successfully with the challenges of modern business and a constantly changing business environment.

Understanding your business

Our programmes include some up-front research, team-based meetings and questionnaires, telephone research with individuals and/or psychometric profiling. This puts us in a strong position to understand the real issues within your team so that we can tailor our facilitation accordingly.

We have experience with senior and international teams and adapt quickly to a wide range of people and business cultures. We have a tried and tested ‘tool-kit’ of responses that deal effectively with team and business issues.

'The time we spent on sharing perceptions and gaining support for team-based decision making is really beginning to bear fruit. Members of the team have been more pro-active in influencing others and we are making real progress as a team.' 

Cliff Harris, CSA Director GE International

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