Corporate Development Programmes

Motivate, energise and focus

Corporate development programmes are designed to reward, motivate, energise and focus staff on your key business issues. Our aim is to provide challenging, creative programmes that will motivate your people, develop their communication skills and get everyone pulling together for greater business success.

Your people could be in diverse geographical locations and so busy that they don’t always have the time or the opportunity to communicate as effectively as you would like. Our programmes create the space for your team to review business progress, build relationships, communicate clearly across team boundaries, and develop robust business plans.

Make decisions and keep your customers satisfied

We help you to energize, focus and motivate your people so that they can make and implement decisions effectively, get your products and services to market quickly and keep your customers satisfied.

Creative experience based programmes

We design programmes that are in line with your organisation’s objectives. With focused business sessions at the core we can link with our specialist partners to offer an amazing range of experiences; working with musicians and actors; outdoor motivators such as skiing in the Alps, white water rafting, sailing and mountaineering to paint balling and go-karting; using distinctive venues from French Chateaux and Scottish Castles through to self-catering extravaganzas in wilderness areas and positive projects in the community.

Strong business focus

Our experienced facilitators can also provide focus to your business meetings by exploring team relationships and building new business perspectives.

'The team have returned excited and exhilarated, and it really does go to prove how successful these off-sites really are. You are a first-class act, and I look forward to working with you on next year's event.' 

Jamie MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Skandia Investment Management Ltd

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